services offered

Pest and Termite Control

We professionally maintain and inspect all types of properties for any and all pest, termite or insect problems. We recommend maintenance programs that help keep structures and facilities safe from infestations and we continually look for problems to report to homeowners and property managers. We have exterminated and/or removed hundreds of wasps, yellow jackets or bee colonies from all types of locations. We use EPA approved products and can use organic/green when requested.

Animal Trappings

We have successfully trapped and relocated squirrels, armadillos, possums and raccoons. We locate openings and holes where animals get into structures and seal up when possible.

Microbe Management

We can disinfect and sanitize rooms for structures by using a professional product that is labeled to kill 99.9% of pathogens and viruses. It removes odors and is used as a cleanser as well.